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CRIB Staff

The C.R.I.B. Staff

Jere Upsher 

Community Success Coach (Economic Mobility)

Areas of Interest: 
Self/Family Health. Staying active and having an active lifestyle. One of my favorite classes are Soca and Sweat at Q-Fitness. Implementing health within my family by creating healthy and delicious meals and keeping my kids active with activities such as gymnastics, dance, and soccer."

Favorite Color and Why:
Gold; I love gold because it shines and stands out beyond any background. The color gold looks gorgeous and make me feel the same way!

Jirely Ruiz

Family Advocate 

Areas of Interest:
 Traveling, Sports, and a great book!
Favorite Color and Why: Blue; I'm a water sign, so the color blue brings me tranquility and peace.

Lettice Layne 

Vice President of Community Resources 

Areas of Interest:
 Dancing, Sewing, and anything that allows for creativity.
Favorite Color and Why:
 Fuchsia (not just pink); I love it! It's bold, beautiful, bright and in your face while still having that girly side.

Naisha Solomon

Program Director 

Area of Interest
: Activism, fostering healthy relationships, health, performing and music arts.
Favorite Color and Why: Rapids Blue; It is tranquil and changes the landscape.

Sahir Wilson
Family Advocate

Area of interest:
Favorite color and why:

Darius Adolphe

Community Development & Outreach Coordinator