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The C.R.I.B. Staff

Valerie Segal

Division Director

Areas of Interest: Families & Communities, Anything with dogs, Progressive politics, Discovering new neighborhoods.
Favorite Color and Why: Green; I love and crave to be in nature and the mountains, I’m an earth sign, and I dream of seeing the California Redwoods.

Lettice Layne

Program Director

Areas of Interest: Dancing, Sewing, and Anything that allows for creativity.
Favorite Color and Why: Fuchsia (not just pink); I love it! It’s bold, beautiful, bright and ‘in your face’ while still having that girly side.

Naisha Solomon

Community Development Outreach Coordinator

Areas of Interest: Activism, Fostering Healthy Relationships, Health, Performing and Music Arts.
Favorite Color and Why: Rapids Blue; It is tranquil and changes the landscape.

Jirely Ruiz

Family Advocate

Areas of Interest:
Favorite Color and Why: Blue; I love the water, and the ocean. I’m a water sign and it fits with my personality traits.

Candace Barrow

Social Work Intern

Areas of Interest: Families, Youth, Creativity, and Dance.
Favorite Color and Why: Purple; combo of two worlds and royalty.