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C.R.I.B. Offerings

Chat and Chew (Weekly Open House)

Chat and Chew is the weekly open house at The C.R.I.B. This event is open to all community members and partners. Join us every Friday from 12pm – 3pm. Tour our space, mingle with other C.R.I.B. members and staff, register for upcoming offerings and discuss current events. We will demonstrate how we use the “Four D’s” of Appreciative Inquiry to Discover community resources, Dream with community members and partners about potential offerings, Design opportunity for community engagement, all while we Deliver a greater community awareness about what The C.R.I.B. has to offer. Enjoy joy a light meal, welcoming conversation and receive C.R.I.B. giveaways. Please see the C.R.I.B. Calendar for upcoming Chat and Chew Dates.

Parent Cafes (Parent and Community Support)

Parent cafes are parent lead conversations dedicated to promoting the protective factors. These protective factors includes Resilience, Relationships, Knowledge, Support and Communication. Each café conversation in an opportunity to listen, be listened to, share experience and deep dive into group discussions related to selected protective factors. Please see the C.R.I.B. Calendar for upcoming Parent Cafes.

Minding Our Business Mixer (MOB) (Economic Mobility)

“Minding Our Business” is a quarterly mixer co-designed with Atalaya (LaLa) Johnson one of our active Dream Team members. Minding Our Business is an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the community to come together to network, support, and to share information and ideas about their current businesses. The mixers are open to all local entrepreneurs, small businesses and all dreamers. Please see the C.R.I.B. Calendar for upcoming Minding Our Business mixers.

Our Voices (Mental Health and Wellness)

“Our Voices” is a quarterly event co-designed by Omar who is also one of the Dream Team members. “Our Voices” is an opportunity to change attitudes, stigmas and assumptions about individuals living with mental health conditions.
“Our Voices” forum provides personal perspectives, as community members, who have live experiences with mental health share openly about their experiences. Community partners are also invited to participate and provide helpful information and resources. After two successful events, “Our Voices” has been invited to take part in different mental health discussions in other communities throughout Brooklyn. Please see the C.R.I.B. Calendar for upcoming Our Voice events.

Toddler and Me Playdates (Infants, Toddlers and their Families)

With the toddlers as the focus, the C.R.I.B. has partnered with a few community parents to co-design a monthly playdate group for toddlers and their family. This group provides opportunities for social connection for both the toddlers and their parents. These family get together to provide peer support, engage in age appropriate activities with toddlers, share resources, and of course Food and Fun. The group meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month and can include trips and other external activities. Please see the “C.R.I.B. calendar for upcoming Toddler and Me playdates.

Family Fun Fridays (School ages kids and their Families)

What started as a monthly movie night co-designed by a 6 year old community member, has now turned into a night of fun for families at the C.R.I.B. Family Fun Fridays feature family friendly DIY activities including paint and sips, build a bear, game nights, community trips and family dinners. This offering encourages families to spend quality time with one another doing something fun an engaging as a family. This event typically takes place on the last Friday of the Month. Please see the C.R.I.B. calendar for upcoming Family Fun Friday events.

Dream Teen Youth Ambassadors (Youth and Family engagement)

The C.R.I.B meets with youth in the community who are interested in various leadership roles and community participation. In this meeting, the Dream Teens along with C.R.I.B. staff discover, dream, design, and deliver activities that interest youth in the community. This meeting takes place weekly in the afternoons during the spring and summer months. It’s a great opportunity for youth in the community who are looking to engage or who want to participate in community leadership opportunities. Please see the C.R.I.B. calendar for upcoming Dream Teen Youth Ambassador Opportunities.

Selfie Party (Self-Care and Resiliency)

Selfie parties are opportunities for community member to come together for self-care. It is a reminder that we must care for our own needs in order to be more effective at caring for others. Selfie parties consist of DIY Workshops, personal care and wellness activities for community adults. These events take place quarterly and all resource and activities are absolutely free. Don’t forget to stop at our selfie booth for a self-love photo shoot. Please see the C.R.I.B. calendar for upcoming Selfie Parties.